It was a Happening Weekend

I attended two events over the weekend. The first was a wine tasting session with Four Seasons Wines (not how I usually spend my weekends). I will do a detailed post about it on the travel blog. So now I know of two Indian wines Sula and Four Seasons.

The second event was at Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas Village today where I met Shubhra Krishnana of Travel Secrets. It was fun. This too will be a blog post on the travel blog.

But the weekend is almost over! Also I stayed at my sister’s place which is a bliss for me and work for her.

In the last few days I have used so much of Delhi Metro and I consider it a big blessing for me as I am not a big fan of driving. And I am hopeless with directions. Have always been.

I will end this post with an anecdote of my daughter. When she was even smaller and just about to start school. So we would tell her, “Chhavi school jayege” (Chhavi will now go to school) and she would tell us back- “Chhavi maatet jaayege!” (No Chhavi will go to market).

Well she did go to school without trouble in the end.

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