What did I do Today?

OK the immediate thing that comes to my mind is that I took a class and I enjoyed it.

What else did I do? Every day I spend some time on social media so did that too.

I never ever can get up in the morning so I barely had any breakfast!

The traffic on the way to work was bad in patches, really bad. One mini bus driver poked its nose and brought almost all the traffic to a stand still. I managed to get through before it got really bad.

In the evening my daughter was trying maul me and push me around and she calls it play! Later she was hitting a ball with my husband. She did it for such a long time that she finally told us that she was chip chip (sweating).

Then a must in my day is talking to my sister on phone, often for more than half an hour, daily. Many people wonder what do we have to talk about so long every day. The short answer is everything under the sun!

In the coming days I have lot of work. But then somehow time expands to fill in the amount of work I have, at least it did in the past, so I hope it will in future too.

3 thoughts on “What did I do Today?

  1. My wife can talk for hours with her sister. I often wonder what they could be talking about – now I know. Its a girl thing!

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