A Fun Day

Had a great day at work. We went outside the class today for our seminar session. I read somewhere that the way class rooms are designed can affect learning. I mean classes with fixed seating and a podium are different from classrooms without podium and flexible seating.

I tried to test this further so we went out to the lawn. I could observe a few changes in the behavior due to the setting. We all sat on the ground and brought two chairs. When I refused to sit on the chair one of the students did and conducted the class. I had to intervene and direct a few times, later students took turns to sit on the chair and conduct the session.

We were discussing a case study and it was a little easier for all of us to talk because of the informal setting. The coffee was on me. And we could come to a few common understandings which was great for me.

On another note I was reading a post by Easwar which involved a fatal truck incident. That reminded of the time when I was in Class 1. We used to live in the Railway Colony and I was going to school sitting on a cycle. On a turn close to school I fell off somehow and was thrown under a truck. Since it was a turn the truck was slow. It was a crowded place and many people shouted to stop the truck. Hence I escaped with a few minor cuts and bruises.

I was too young to understand it fully or get scared. But I guess I was really lucky that day!

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