And I Wanted to Write Two Blogs?

I wonder what I was thinking when I started this blog, my other blog, Travel Tales from India keeps me sufficiently busy! But now that I have started it, I am not going to give it up easily.

And actually I started it to capture some day to day activities so that when I read it 10 years later I could recollect some of my life as it was.

It is trying to get cold again in NCR.

I had a very unusual weekend. I met my school friend on Saturday at CP (and visited Agrasen Ki Baoli too) and I took two UK colleagues out to Dilli Haat on Sunday. And then we took a metro ride to CP and had lunch.

Otherwise if we go out on weekends we try to go at least 250 km away from NCR!

On the way to Delhi yesterday I saw two big hoardings that said ‘Wake up India, She is dead.’ I could not click a picture though.

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