The First Day of the New Teaching Semester

I have now around 10 years of teaching experience but even then on the first day of a new semester I get some butterflies in my stomach! I believe it has been a good start, we did something useful in the class. One of my favorite quotes to my students have been (which my Ph.D. supervisor used to say to us) “please remember that at the end of the day it is you who are working for this degree, not me.”

I got a decent size check today for my blogging at the other blog. I did not earn it at one go but I got it together and I can actually plan a decent vacation around it within India!

And while I type this my daughter is busy mauling my iPad.

I have been off Twitter these days as it happens at the beginning of a semester but I hope I will catch up.

Have to go now and walk to burn out some calories.

Travel blog has to be updated after that.

One of colleagues once said sometimes learning can be like getting on an escalator where even if you want to you can’t get off. I feel life at times can feel like that. Even though I want to get off and take a long break but I just keep working more and more.

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