And the Day has not ended yet!

I love reading don’t get me wrong. I was reading an academic paper that talked about Curriculum Change (remember I work in education, views all mine not of my employer) and I was going through words like ‘Epistemological performativity.’ Epistemology itself scares me, coupled with performativity it doubly scared me. But I like all this stuff!

And after I write this post I have to do some stuff about what do I like about my discipline and without looking or thinking much I have to say the independence! There is a lot of freedom when it comes to academics and I just love that.

I hardly had anytime to do to Twitter today. But the trending topics for India still look quite grim. Maybe it is for the better? I mean the girmness has always been there, I just ignored it earlier,a lot of us ignored it earlier.

Though I wonder how. If you drive through (or have a driver who does the same for you) the city every traffic signal is a reminder.

PS. I think I have to put the views all mine and not of my employer in my about section rather than repeating it (like a chime) every time I talk about education.

One thought on “And the Day has not ended yet!

  1. “Epistemological” I understand (just about), in relation to education; but I had never heard of “performativity” – and my training is in linguistics, so I was aware of “performative utterances”! Now I find out that there is such a thing as “periperformativity” (= “the group contribution to the success or failure of a speech act”). It’s quite frightening.
    How much more frightening, though, that traffic signals have come to remind you of a terrible example of violence against women.

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