I Actually Like my Job!

OK maybe not all of it but I do like the research and teaching part. I am going to be in a training throughout this week and would only to get scribble a few lines here.

I teach in a UK degree program (all views personal, not of my institute) and I actually like it. Only if second hand, I have experienced another education system. There is so much emphasis on thinking and forming an informed opinion in UK degree programs  I actually like that! Up to my master’s level (way way back) all I did was write memory based exams. My students a few more choices, but do they enjoy it more? I really do not know.

So my day went in a whirl, a happy whirl where I was not following every trend on Twitter on the current Indian scenario. But I do see that the foot in mouth contest is still going on with statements so blatant that my brain gets fried when I read them. So I don’t I only read the responses on Twitter.



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