And I Wanted to Write Two Blogs?

I wonder what I was thinking when I started this blog, my other blog, Travel Tales from India keeps me sufficiently busy! But now that I have started it, I am not going to give it up easily.

And actually I started it to capture some day to day activities so that when I read it 10 years later I could recollect some of my life as it was.

It is trying to get cold again in NCR.

I had a very unusual weekend. I met my school friend on Saturday at CP (and visited Agrasen Ki Baoli too) and I took two UK colleagues out to Dilli Haat on Sunday. And then we took a metro ride to CP and had lunch.

Otherwise if we go out on weekends we try to go at least 250 km away from NCR!

On the way to Delhi yesterday I saw two big hoardings that said ‘Wake up India, She is dead.’ I could not click a picture though.


There are No Friends Like School Friends!

I met my school friend today after a long time. We were in school from KG to 12th and then we lost touch. Thanks to Facebook we connected again. We met last year and then it took us one year to catch up again!

This time we met in CP. At the Rajiv Chowk Metro station she broke her footwear! Then she walked in her socks till we managed to buy another one!

With her I explored Janpath for the first time! I bought a handbag which is her choice. And it is one of my best bags! We tried having lunch at Sarvana Bhawan but it had such a long wait that we gave up!  We ended up at Costa Coffee (via Pizza Hut where there was another wait) and chatted like there was no tomorrow!

Then she asked me if I knew of any monuments nearby and I said we could go to Agrasen ki Baoli (Agrasen’s Stepwell). It had been on my list for a long time and I ended up there today without any plans!

We had some Moong Ke Laddo from a street vendor and then headed for home.

It has been a day well spent!

PS. Both of us were uncomfortable about Delhi and wanted to reach home before dark.

No Home Work Today!

We managed to finish some tasks on our training ahead of schedule! So even though there is still some work pending, I don’t have any home work to do today! I was telling to my instructor today that even though she was such a nice lady she managed to make us incredibly hard! I am so exhausted that I can hardly think now. Need the weekend for sure. This also means I can attend an event on Wednesday as I can now take that day off!

And I have plans for the weekend.

I Have a Life!

So much so that it has been difficult to even scribble two lines here. But that is not always the case. I am doing a course that is keeping me busy but in a good way!

The winter seems to have thawed a bit and I am liking it too.

Honest, I didn’t even open twitter today till now, so no idea what is it that people are talking about in my country!

And the Day has not ended yet!

I love reading don’t get me wrong. I was reading an academic paper that talked about Curriculum Change (remember I work in education, views all mine not of my employer) and I was going through words like ‘Epistemological performativity.’ Epistemology itself scares me, coupled with performativity it doubly scared me. But I like all this stuff!

And after I write this post I have to do some stuff about what do I like about my discipline and without looking or thinking much I have to say the independence! There is a lot of freedom when it comes to academics and I just love that.

I hardly had anytime to do to Twitter today. But the trending topics for India still look quite grim. Maybe it is for the better? I mean the girmness has always been there, I just ignored it earlier,a lot of us ignored it earlier.

Though I wonder how. If you drive through (or have a driver who does the same for you) the city every traffic signal is a reminder.

PS. I think I have to put the views all mine and not of my employer in my about section rather than repeating it (like a chime) every time I talk about education.

I Actually Like my Job!

OK maybe not all of it but I do like the research and teaching part. I am going to be in a training throughout this week and would only to get scribble a few lines here.

I teach in a UK degree program (all views personal, not of my institute) and I actually like it. Only if second hand, I have experienced another education system. There is so much emphasis on thinking and forming an informed opinion in UK degree programs  I actually like that! Up to my master’s level (way way back) all I did was write memory based exams. My students a few more choices, but do they enjoy it more? I really do not know.

So my day went in a whirl, a happy whirl where I was not following every trend on Twitter on the current Indian scenario. But I do see that the foot in mouth contest is still going on with statements so blatant that my brain gets fried when I read them. So I don’t I only read the responses on Twitter.



Sunday with Nobita and Doraemon

My daughter is a big fan of the Japanese cartoon series Doraemon. It is the most watched TV serial at my home even by adults! I like getting up late on the weekends and today was no exception. I am one of those people who do not get Monday blues but I do hate getting up on Monday mornings and the traffic. If you drive 5 days a week like me for work it can immediately lead to some soul searching!

There is a lot of debate and soul searching anyway going on in India at the moment and I have seen everyone getting blamed, we the people, government, police and everything in between and rightly so. There is anger all around. And by the time you think you might just move on, somehow try to behave normally, yet another politician (of any party) puts their foot in the mouth and only toddlers look cute with it!

Going back to traffic, I have heard colleagues who belong to other parts of the world say that they thought it was their last ride, the ride from New Delhi Airport to their destinations! After all that lane changing, honking, galloping like there is no tomorrow cars and other objects on Indian roads are not driven by Government of India (GOI)! It is another matter that all traffic would come to a stop if it was someone from GOI was on the roads!

I kept tweeting like crazy, as if it would change a thing or two about my country. When that failed I did some pounding on Angry Birds on the iPad I won in a travel blogging contest!

Strange are the times and life in my country.