After the Initial Rush Dies Down

It is difficult to blog after that, given the fact that I have another active blog. But then it is not yet time to say that I will not blog anymore.  Also if I do not blog the snatches that I manage to catch about a day just vanish and one day is like the other till I get to travel.

These days I am reading Shantaram. It is a 900+ pages and it is like reading 3-4 books together. I am at 700 or so now. And I have been reading it for such a long time that I want to finish it now and read something else.

I might travel once again in Feb but it is not final.

I have booked my tickets to Nepal for another trek and even though it is a few months down the line it gives me a lot of reason to stay happy.

On the national front there is an ordinance around the rape laws in the country.

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