Sunday with Nobita and Doraemon

My daughter is a big fan of the Japanese cartoon series Doraemon. It is the most watched TV serial at my home even by adults! I like getting up late on the weekends and today was no exception. I am one of those people who do not get Monday blues but I do hate getting up on Monday mornings and the traffic. If you drive 5 days a week like me for work it can immediately lead to some soul searching!

There is a lot of debate and soul searching anyway going on in India at the moment and I have seen everyone getting blamed, we the people, government, police and everything in between and rightly so. There is anger all around. And by the time you think you might just move on, somehow try to behave normally, yet another politician (of any party) puts their foot in the mouth and only toddlers look cute with it!

Going back to traffic, I have heard colleagues who belong to other parts of the world say that they thought it was their last ride, the ride from New Delhi Airport to their destinations! After all that lane changing, honking, galloping like there is no tomorrow cars and other objects on Indian roads are not driven by Government of India (GOI)! It is another matter that all traffic would come to a stop if it was someone from GOI was on the roads!

I kept tweeting like crazy, as if it would change a thing or two about my country. When that failed I did some pounding on Angry Birds on the iPad I won in a travel blogging contest!

Strange are the times and life in my country.

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