These are Strange Times!

Some of you would know me because of my travel blog Travel Tales from India. I was happy, I was in my own shell and I hardly ever talked about anything but travel! As if I existed in a vacuum! I even traveled solo (I think I still would).

Over the years (7 plus years of travel blogging already) I wanted to talk about other things too. It took a brutal night, 16 December to shake me out of my complacency. I am your average 40 something.

And I want to keep a diary. I named it after that dark night just to show that I care. I would move on to other things but I won’t forget.

How do I personally feel? Very confused and for the first time in my life I wonder whether we did a good thing by not migrating to another country?

4 thoughts on “These are Strange Times!

  1. these definitely are confusing times.. makes you wonder doesn’t it.. Is this that glorious country that i never wanted to leave? I have always found India and exotic mix of Culture and whatnot but now i doubt if i was mistaken, if i actually know the only place i have lived in, if i can go out and get back home again..!

  2. Great start!
    The same thought gnaws me too. Let us hope things will change for good and we are in that difficult transition period.

  3. We all need to start somewhere..unfortunately its such a brutal world that we live in..I have a personal blog which is much older than backpacker and I post there just for my own sake..Its called Her monologues ..did write my two bit on this as well

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